The Epiphany of Queen Esther


The Epiphany of Queen Esther

A Colossal painting by the Jewish Iranian-American Painter

Shahin S. Dardashti


Acquired by Nessah Synagogue of Beverly Hills

The unprecedented dimension and composition of this enormous painting depicts the most crucial moment of Queen Eshter’s fateful action to save the Jews from the genocide conspired by Haman

A Synopsis of the Epiphany of Queen Esther

As recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther, there was a Jewish girl of exceptional beauty named Hadassah who resided in ancient Persia with her foster parent Mordechai. King Ahasuerus (BC 465-425) chose her, over all other maidens, to become his wife. Hadassah assumed the name Esther and became the Queen of Persia.

Soon after, the King deceived by his prime minister, Haman, gave him the power and the authority to slay and annihilate all the Jews in the kingdom, which consisted of 127 provinces. But, due to the couragous intervention of Queen Esther, who had become aware of the plot through Mordechai and appealed to the King, the catastrophic extermination was averted. This story has inspired an annual feast of Purim which has since been celebrated by the jews worldwide.