Shahin S. Dardashti, an Iranian-American painter, began her art at the age of 13, and eventually evolved as an accomplished and prolific artist. She has mastered the art of painting through a combination of private training, extensive research and academic studies, which resulted in obtaining a Bachelor’s, a Master’s and a Ph.D. in fine art, specializing in art therapy.

Shahin’s research has also culminated in publishing a number of articles, and a bilingual book – The Art of Shahin Dardashti – in which she expressed her views on art and shared her experiences with the readers. Shahin’s doctoral dissertation – The Epiphany of Queen Esther in Art and Literature, earned her the status of magna cum laude graduate. Her dissertation related project, a colossal painting of Queen Esther, has been placed on a permanent display at the Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills, CA.Shahin has exhibited at locations such as Harvard University, U.C.L.A., West Hollywood Avenue of Arts and Designs, Beverly Hills Gray Stone Park, the Jewish Artists Exhibition at Sinai Temple, and the International Art Expo., 07 in New York.. Furthermore, to have her art at constant public display, she established her own gallery in Los Angeles, CA: Impressions, Shahin Fine Art Gallery.

Shahin’s paintings are also presented at, and here on Some of the comments made by a number of art critics who have attended Shahin’s art exhibitions, were as follows:

  • “Shahin is a versatile artist who is equally creative and prolific in three schools of Realism, Impressionism, and Abstract painting.”
  • “Shahin has a great ability in painting each theme in a style that is most expressive of its intent.”
  • “Shahin, in line with the age-old tradition of impressionist painters, possesses an innate talent for creating form with colors, and has a keen eye for exploring, mixing and applying the hidden values of colors.”
  • “Shahin’s cultural background gives a unique characteristic to her color selection and the composition of her paintings.”

Shahin has received a number awards at her exhibitions, and has developed a string of patrons who commission and acquire her paintings.